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so yeah, i died. bleh.

so there i was. shouting to let everyone know i needed a group, and then finally someone shouted back. a group it be! my god! i must hurry! so i begin to work my way towards frontier mountains. i climb over the hills, passing rhinos and walking cacti, saber tooth tigers and strange large chickens that hurry fucking hurt. hmm.. i was blocked off by these monsters, so i move around them. haha! success! i have evaded agroing the mobs of monsters. i run past skyfire temple, and *POW* i get hit!! im stunned!! im spinning in circles!! OH MY GOD, its a sarnak KNIGHT!!! RRUUUUNNN. i try to run to skyfire, but its still hitting me in my back, doing the most damage it could! RUN, NAVIOHKI, RUN! i say. but no, it continues to hit me as a run to the safety of skyfire. i grow weak from lack of strength, and slow down. allowing the red knight to crush me further.. i start to yell for help, over and over, but its no use =*( no one is around or i am too far for them to hear. im still spinning and getting stunned. it kills me. i wake up in freeport. a continent away. ugh.
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