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well i was right

well i knew it. jared went to tabitha's birthday. and she straight up told me he wasn't coming, because she asked me if i would go or not if he came. of course i said "fuck no, bla bla". i knew she was lying so i didn't bother going. i would have murdered the little shit had i gone anyhow. and shes so fucking stealth about it, mentioning a few times [others in person] what jared and i would do if we were in the same room together and how funny that would be. so i didn't bother with that. i dont feel like dealing with little shits like him right now. heh, it doesn't surprise me that she would pull that shit.

my sister didn't call to have me come over, it might today that she meant, is was "this weekend", so im not sure. i just want to go do something. maybe she'll learn me some good ol' pool tact again. shes been teaching me how to play now. she told me that everyone in my family can play pool really fucking good, so i should harness that ability. im moving early next month and the place im getting have a pool table, so mo practice in for me =)

hm. joey took mike out somewhere for his birthday, which it was prolly camelot or high voltage so joey could play dance dance, being a really bad friend that he is. at least i know how to be friend. i just dont apply it that often. heh. anyway, poor mike.

im bored. i think im going to call marie today, i saw her driving past me in someone's car and it reminded me that her and i are still on good terms. ill give her a ring after i get back from having breakfast.
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