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maynard james keenan's birthday is two days before mine. yay for us.

something i find funny is that someone has been calling my house and hanging up. only after this little bullshit parade with jared it began. he's so stealth with his whatnot its not even funny. not to mention, hes been keeping himself out of sight of the school bus now, which before, we'd always see him walking home, you could tell he was out in the open because people on the bus would yell and get all uppity because hes goth. i wonder about the measure of irony here. how utterly humorous. the phone calls arent even annoying, whoever it is, is wasting their efforts. its a hard thing to care, much less about little prank phone calls.

jason and i are going to go play pool again tonight. i can assume kat is coming along. she was great to hang around like jason. they are so simular its scary. last time jason and kat was telling will and i that they would beat us. well jason and kat teamed up against me and i beat them. go me! kat said that impressed her, heh. will didnt want to go because he had work in the morning. that sucked a bit, i was looking forward to seeing him play pool. picturing a tall skinny nerdy nerd with no grace [big time nerd, even more so than me] playing pool. heh.
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