*twitch+foam* (organizm) wrote,

santa's list of good little shits.

well i was wondering who had me on your friend's list. lets see who and what this and that, shall we? lets proceed.

�beyond1 - tabitha. shes insane. sarah[desei] is her other half.
�dosei - sarah. yeah.
�eggroll - mike. good friend, uber nerd. EQ addict. nick and he are those who got me into EQ[everquest] in the first place. he doesnt post anymore,..
�elegia - xena =) cutie pie *smooch*
�fillerbunny - sheila, AKA miss host lady. *unf* she has that slight oriental look to her.. mighty tastey.
�gluck - gluck gluck!! IM me some time.
�heafer - ugh.. we dont talk much.
�johnnyc149457 - heh, this is matt. he got kicked out of school for writing about threats towards his father and so on. they pinned him for 'malicious intent with bla bla the school's internet with illegal hacker programs etc etc'. all he did was download mIRC. hah.
�lachryrose - shes an interesting one =) IM me also.
�pinkycam - now this chick is just too damn cute. �ber pinkness. go to her site, youll be blinded with pinkiness and then some!
�queezy - alodi, i know her from mIRC. #gothic actually, we dont talk anymore, but i read her journal still.
�razorlicious - i dont know who this girl is, but she has an awesome site. im putting you on my list now.
�tarajane - tara butt =) *snog*. this is the girl im going to make a website with, we share an extremely simular thinking style. *snog snog*
�thelastwonka - raven. why the fuck am i still on her friends list. take me off. i dont want me there. ugh.
�thewickedestone - raven's friend. i remember seeing this name once when i went to raven's journal friend's list months ago. why im on his list, i have no clue.
�jthm - the community made for jhonen fans. go forth and cheese up my noodle.
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bored? im gonna IM you =P
Funny...I don't have a clue either.
Play With Fire

I thinkl Tabitha is my other half because, umm.. I dunno I'll think of a good reason later. ^___^;

But, she IS insane, but I think I'm more insane because she actually takes her medication. O.o